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Carbon Based Business Units

Jul 31, 2017

Our Trip, Plan B. Or Maybe C.

A few weeks ago we said we'd be leaving for California. Yet here we still are, and probably not leaving for a few more.


Business decisions, that's why! We've made some bad ones, and that has led to a lot of mistakes. But we rethought, reworked and figured out a better way so that we...

Jul 17, 2017

Get Back In The Game!

Long ago and far away when Carbon Based Business Units was the Web.Search.Social podcast, we had a jigsaw puzzle that we started to circulate among listeners. Each person solved the puzzle, took a photo then sent it to another listener. Then we went on hiatus, and somewhere around that time, very...

May 22, 2017

Podcasting From The Car

We just got out of a business meeting where we closed a new client and decided that we’d podcast our way home. So we hit record and, in spite of having a script, ended up doing what we do, which is talk. A lot. About stuff that isn’t on the script. So next time we tell you what we’re going...

May 15, 2017

Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes

We were going to talk about Carbon Based investing today but decided to record a short episode because we recently lost a friend to a heart attack.

His name was Ed, and in addition to being our friend, he was a doctor, avid cyclist and husband.

So today we wanted to talk about the...

May 1, 2017

Greeting Carbon Based Humans! Also known as Fred…

It’s an exciting episode today because we’ve added our first official Carbon Based Title to the roster. It goes to Nadia Bracken, who is now officially our self-designated Carbon Based Critic. She emailed us after last episode to let us know that our intro wasn’t...