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Carbon Based Business Units

Jun 26, 2017

Get Your Fizz On!

Today we've got lots of good takeaways about how to start, grow and scale a business. We talk with Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections, a company that helps people find guests for their podcasts or get booked as a guest on other podcasts.

At the time we recorded this in February, Jessica had just...

Jun 19, 2017

Politics, Religion And Sex

That’s what today’s episode is about. Yes, it’s safe for work!

This is one of the episodes we recorded in February at Podfest and it’s with Daniel J. Lewis, host of the Audacity to Podcast. The conversation was precipitated by a controversial Facebook post where Ralph called out...

Jun 12, 2017

Our First Mobile Podcast

Yes, we’ve been mobile podcasting for a bit, but this episode is actually our first official one. We recorded this back in February as we drove down to Podfest in Orlando. We recorded a bunch, actually, and we’re finally ready to start releasing them.

This one was recorded with Jennifer...

Jun 5, 2017

We Get An Autoresponder

After sending Nick Snapp an email and getting an autoresponder back, we decided to critique it. Couple of reasons…

First, Nick is a big productivity guy. And he’s big on accountability. On his podcast, the Make It Snappy Productivity Show, he asks his listeners to hold him accountable. So in...